Unlacing her brazier
Frontal closure; for, she had wished
His hands would have grabbed her tits
She pondered…………Many times over shit
Is that it? He prefers the presence of man?
Not wanting her to be his wife
His fever for a manly man for him to strip
Into his ass he wanted her to shove it
What was she to think, 7 inches the brink!
His cock would shrivel and shrink
Every time they were intimate; sortaspeak
Night after night her heart would sink
His drugs he’d abuse and overly use
Moods to shift from happy to bullshit to ensue
His temper to flare too many times
She couldn’t handle anymore of his outrageous fits
She called it quits; she threw in the towel & split
He continued trying to destroy her; forever still now
For he is a true piece of shit
What she’s telling you is legit
…true; every single bit
She wasn’t having it & she’s not finished yet
He’s a coward and a fool ..not even a tool
He’s tried to harm her in the worst of ways
Attacking her family day to day
Stalking her when she went about her ways
Delusional thinking became his everyday
What a fucking loser in each & every way….

One day, $he’ll have her way!!