Upon my shoulder she sits
Waiting for me to reach for another slit
Begging me to just grab it

“Just take this silver strip”
“Take this gift I have to give”
“Slide it across your skin a bit; you’ll love it”

Threaded little beads of red dots
Appearing from the slit; or whatnot
Slowly it spreads wider; a lot

“Oh, baby don’t you stop”
“Go to cower on the toilet seat;
Privacy sort-of-speak”

One strike to my skin; it’s over then
Never was there a fear of me ending it
I use to call it daily, back when

On my shoulder she sits
She hisses in my ear
“Come closer….. my DEAR”

Death is not what I seek; leave me be
It is in the abyss I wish to weep
Let me sneak out of this place

“One more, sweet child”
“Please don’t be scared; together we’ll share”
“Yours are minor even mild; compared”

W/those words, barely heard
She took that silver from my hands
Told me to sleep on her command

“Give me that silver, you pansy ass”
“Let’s do this right; finish this fight”
“No more continuing w/these plights”

I awaken each & every time
To the damage she’d done to mine
I hear her laughing as staples I see

“Their not so wide; stop your teary eyed”
“Be glad I didn’t slice over it thrice”
“To you, I was being nice”

I want out from this hell we’ve befell
I hate the weaknesses of being unwell
I hate for all that we resemble & tell

“It’s time to shut up and or go to hell”
“Over your mouth my hands will dwell”
“This my child, I will cast that spell”

I’ll shut up  <sigh>  you go back to hell