Across the room your eyes befall beauty
Sitting nonchalantly with legs crossed
Holding English Chintz, sipping hot tea

Through lacy curtains, the breeze blows
Early morning crispness slowly curls & flows
Rays of a dawning sun to sleepily glow

Glancing over you steal a glance; okay, peak
Beautifully handsome & sexy physic
A gentle demeanor so to speak

Swirling ’round the room, fragrance, a breakfast soon
Past french doors you go explore a little more
A griddle & grill manned by a ma’am with mastery skill

Sneaking back out; you seat yourself
Right next to the beauty you saw around & about
You gazed into their beautiful hazel eyes

Sparkling inside those gems; sun flecks
Wishing on a dreamy eyed prospect
Closer, yet still, you do get

Sparks flaring as you place your hand
Onto the thigh is where it was to land
Passion with no words to further expand