Try with
All my heart
To pen out my
Plights & Pains
Into this type of art
Purge it unto this page
Hurling worthless verbiage
Spinning around in thine head
Scribbling anything & everything
‘Specially from the one imperial mage
Writing till all my little fingers bleed red
What was it they were trying to have said?
Mental plight will feast on your body, right?
Knots to which are feeding my sickly stomach
Tension is building behind my, ever, fading eyes
A neck, always grinding; frontward and also back
Physical trite plights getting all my attention tonight
Repeat the wisdom you so have kept secret from me
I implore, to thee, all I have and then so much more
I beg show me, I know not on how to care anymore
Feelings have gone too numb; which, now it’s rare
Feeling it seething inside my soul; out of control!
Wrench down to disgrace me all the way around
Breaking original mold; not making a sound
My pen onto the stark white; unwritten pad
I’ve given up writing about why I’m sad
It gets distorted and mutilated bad
Feel so fucking real; simple words
Bled it out & not wept about
For now,let me pour my
Auburn eyes out
~The End~