****************POSSIBLE TRIGGER***************

***Please do NOT read if you have issues & easily triggered by writings/poem about cutting….Thank you for listening/reading/hearing me/understanding me (if you can)***

A sweet promise to grant an escape
Smell the iron as you so can relate
Familiarity with the ice cold razor blade

Feeling the steel slowly penetrate w/in
Puncturing deeper into innocent skin
Peeling back the layers of sin

A temple has been bled
Don’t think it’s all in the head
There is history behind it instead

Deeper and deeper to slip away
Into the hells of wishing so much unwell
Punishing myself; you’ll never hear me say

Suffering & wallowing on stupid shit
Wondering why we have to live w/this
Come on baby…you know you want to

Take that steel to your spots of virgin skin
Damn those scars from days of when
It’s so much harder for it to work; then

Take those stress’ers & run to hide
Remove them from sight
Making it feel that much lesser of a fright

Liquid life of love is what is in your delight
Blood letting of the evils that be redeemed; tonight
Each precise slice slowly spreads; to painful delight

Darkest of red; that’s what you’ve bled
Purging the pain in the only way you know how
I resist the voices and temptations for now

Will it inevitably win out?
Don’t hold faith but more doubt
It can help you to black out…..

Peace out……