You see, I can smell the steel
Metallic scent sliding across my senses
Lips quivering; for life’s fluid liquid

Fresh slice on my flesh
Noticing no stinging affect
Sliding it a little slower, yet

Eyes to lower onto your legs
Your body trembling and quaking
Let the blood flow to the floor

Deeper in with increase of speed
Slicing it deeper and deeper; my need
Now, the fat cells is what’s seen

I found fat to not bleed
Yellowish bulb’ish rounds gathered
No need to expel that deep

My pain is not of my surface
It’s much deeper than any skin
Dripping off my sinful soul w/in

Bleeding out pools of pain
Repenting  as a sickly sinner
Or we’ll do this all over again

Next time will you accidentally slip
That would be the end of it
Is that your final accomplishment?

What a way for a life to had been spent