She has this question
Could you please answer she
She needs this for a present;
To be given to the past

You see,
This adult-child she has

Full of tears and worries her so
She no longer knows where to go
Please, help her in what she needs to know

Emotions erratic at best; putting everything to test
She needs your most thorough answer
She will never be able to rest this quest
A crazed once over; She needs the answer, moreover

Tears welling by a simple story, sad or glad
About to be exposed for being completely mad
She’s past all this shit, it’s gotten old
Madder than not; she wants this to stop

Running past, only answering of to herself
Trying to remember what she left behind
Before the past continues to haunt her for all time
Told it might forever last; what a blast!

Emotional cancer eating away all of she
Multiplying w/a sinful stealth’ly glee; diseased
Worthless of no founded hopes for her to conceive
Nothing more is left for her to believe

Through her looking-glass
Can you see….the small amount she’s shared of we
????Can she ever be set free????
…..Please answer she…..

I Beg Of Thee