Please…I beg of thee….if you are offended by a little erotica (or find it perverse)…you might want to unfollow me because I like to get my fingers wet once in awhile….as should you!! (hahaha)   Seriously,  don’t read if you don’t like….<smirk>……Much Love & Light

She lays onto her crisp cold sheets
Curtains gently dancing in the softest breeze
Melodies in the background w/subtle beats to tease

Drawing up the comforter
she, with you, does nuzzle
The two of you lovingly do cuddle

You’ll here her sigh & the quietest of moan
She’s trying to relax every muscle & bone
In your arms she feels secure & at home

Snuggling you both do atone
Whispers of sweet lovers in their comfort zones
Never, to again, sleep lonely OR alone

Gently gliding your hand to the sensual small of her back
Traveling over her beautifully silken’ed round ass
Between her sexy thighs; the heat & moisture rise

Wriggling under your touch
She starts fantasizing about so much
She wants to do it all & feels to rush

Calming her, so hard for you to do
Trying to not want needing her too
Nor can you stop what she’s to do to you

Her passion and fire totally consuming you
Deeper thrusting your hard cock into her wet spot
Moaning in sheer delight she asks for more

“Daddy give it to me right….tonight…..
Let’s fuck all through this beautiful star filled night
Let’s play until we can no longer share this delicious delight

As you gaze into her crazed lust-filled eyes
You’ve never been so utterly & totally high
You explode, no longer did you need to ‘just’ fantasize

A Dream Cum True