Past lies tormenting my mind
Can’t stop their whispers of what once was
Reminders of the first straw; on pause
(I knew they weren’t true…why must it rewind? -I whined-)

Where did you go, those trips for weeks apart?
Work had you by the balls…you use to say
Conferences, meetings on Sundays; what the hay
(business trips; the first of many more to start)

Stories of solitude; stopped talking to friends
Never giggling with the past who’d wish’ed it’d last
Fictitious fables of a world you claimed, to me, to be true
(too smitten to argue to the end; I made amends)

What was it you did say? Jealousy was I to reveal
Then why wasn’t I reassured? Must not have been your deal
Instead I’m left watching same bitches bark at your appeal
(You squeal w/zeal & comment on their sexy appeal)

My trust has been broken by every single soul to pass
I cover mine eyes to the things you want to hide
I look away before I see something at last; a heart as shattered glass
(Keep your secrets & don your handsome casque)

Too many torments of your lies; I despise
Truth is, always will be, given at my side
As you starve for your own truth, admit you lied
(Stuff it deep…it’ll still seep….& inevitably make you weep)
The End