Pink gloss of sweet bubblegum
Taking her back to where it had begun
No longer a child but not quite a woman

Memories of years ago; hazed, no!?
Full moons to shine past their full glows
Passing time beyond her years in arrears

Scantily clad she cl’ammers off the plane
It was warm where she use to stay
Dismal and gray is what greeted her this day

Not knowing what to do…she rode w/you
Scared of the strangers, called family, was beyond true
Shivers down her spine when only trees in her view

3,367.2 miles away from home
She ran the farthest she could roam
Into the tiniest town she’d ever known

27 years later, She’s still stuck in the rut
A run down city blooming w/pushers & clucks
Homeless & drug addicts running amok