Dismal & gray is what has greeted this new day
Looking around, utter dismay on what’s displayed
Once, a booming town with much adult play & trade

Crippled as to these, now, depreciated gloomy towns
Trees overly harvested & fish fished into peril; ruin
Now we feel the backlash of human greed; time proven

What were they to do; a prison built too soon
A nuclear plant that never did resume; doomed
Now oil to pollute our beautiful bays & seas

Shivers should run all the way down your spine
Zombies & mentally ill exercising their free will
The tiniest town, wishing it could rewind their decline

I’ve watched locals weep of the influx
A run down city blooming w/pushers & clucks
Homeless & drug addicts running amok

Our kids who find needles on the streets
Rif-raf & panhandlers, a huge increase
How many more are the police going to release

Flooded under our bridges and tent cities
Turning beyond a gritty city of pity
Come as you are & Friendliest city; not so pretty

You’d think our committee would be more witty
Deplete this town of the ills creeping all around
Let’s no longer turn a blind eye of what’s found

Let’s stop being the breeding ground