Eyes to be, the mirrors in our souls
We see each other for more than words told
Beyond bodies of plastic & paste
Across visions of once relationship wastes

Hear me, whispering softly in the night’s breeze
A siren’s song so sweetly sung to draw you in
Moans of sweet echos in the gusts of wind
Crashing along the shores therein a tailspin

Smelling the salty night’s air, as darkest to be so crisp
Just his scent sends my senses totally amiss
Animalistic primal naughty thoughts & some to wish
I beseech thee…lean in for that sensual fragrant bliss

Touching words spoken, my fingers slowly caress
Tracing along with beautifully strung cursive best
Feeling blindly, I rest my head on his masculine chest
Engaged in a loving embrace we do confess; nonetheless

Tasting what’s deepest in ours souls
Sipping the essence that so freely flows
Unconditional love to only flourish & grow
Bring to me what it is I wish twofold