The reflection in your eyes of anguish as I cry
Pain & suffering for so many years gone by
A tormented soul; I can no longer run & hide 
Walking with death @ my side; I don’t know why

I wish you could understand an ounce of me
Pain building inside of me…fire, spreading so freely
Many silent hints & subtle clues of what’s to ensue
Seemingly, you’re lost & totally utterly confused

Fading, I feel my soul; erasing everything I know
Into the darkness, it beckons how much it’s in need
Feeling the flow of life as the skin spreads wide to bleed
Leave me be….this is not something for anyone to see

On the sidelines; I, watching from afar
Spying between tall thickets & trees
Afraid a monster I will see & it’ll be set free
Too many times before, I no need; I believe…we all bleed

As you read, this will be my only place for me to bleed
Heart to pour, mostly, everything of once, not; told
This ink on these pages is the only place I will go to flow
I can not take that other physical shit no’mo; hardcore!