Today is the start of the End
I felt it way before you told me; my friend
Inevitable, too far gone to mend; you contend

You spoke your mind and expressed your emotions
You can not call this home for all the commotion
I understand and there takes quite a bit of devotion

My feelings of never being complete
The lies I had caught you in I didn’t repeat
I stuck by your side no matter & didn’t retreat

Blinded not by those flirting ‘by the by’
I never to have been given a reason to why
I filed it away that day; along w/other things you’d say

Lastly, I see my lost child, who no father to claim
Acting out has became his newest game
To seek out that relationship he wishes to gain

I bow out and take the stage left
I exit on my own accord & do not digress
You’ve spoke your peace & let’s lay it to rest

You, my once “best”-friend