Here is a day for you
To mothers who followed through
Beyond the moment of your child’s first breath they drew

You knew just exactly what you had to do
Care for, to love this being so fresh and new
A heavenly scent of no mortal sin; new

Favored with a child that you’ll forever love
Obsessed to express truelove; with no contest
Something a mother doesn’t mind to confess

10 fingers & 10 toes to watch hurry & grow
Dirty marks and filthy prints all over for show
Although, you know this….they’ll too, plateau

Dreams to be shared, as you are their biggest fan
Cheering them on when they don’t feel so strong
Holding their hands and praising their plans

A loose grip to ensue when they leave you
To watch them fly high in the sky & bid adieu
It’s of letting go and knowing when it’s to debut

Your children gifted from above…
Nothing more beautiful than a mother’s love
It’s not to be share or compared..but..lived