Her juices start to flow upon her thoughts
Carried away on a rainbows wisp
Her lips do kiss with each word wished

Filling her mind, is the many times
Naked, her curves glowing under your touch
Her deep auburn eyes piercing your soul; untold

Sliding her soft bare flesh across you… still dressed
Hissing as she reaches up higher… near your neck
Whispering naughtiness as you, she does undress

Pressing you against the wall
She lowers to her knees
Tugging at your pants; she begs, “please!”

Each stroke of her hand around your shaft
Climbing walls as her tongue curls around your balls
Her free hand to gently explore your Netherlands

Reaching for her hair; you can not resist
She deep throats you as you so wish
Swallowing you whole she took your bliss

As you tried to take a stronger hold; a firm grip
You forfeited your complete sanity & wit
She, already, took your control before you knew it

You had now surrendered more than your soul…….but your spirit…….