My cell phone flashes that annoying blue light. It’s 7:25am. I need not contact anyone at this hour but my inner self and how to experience the moments that pass that are just as fictional as love.

Coffee is semi-sweet and luke-warm while my heart is feeling bitter & cold. My emotions are going into “de’void”….numbness… dying, trying, crying to come out to play….surly would ruin my day!

I pull a long drag from my noxious cigarette. Wondering, pondering, questioning & inquiring to you I implore; what is it like to be free? Please, if you love thee come tell me!

Encased in this flesh a spirit does rest. I would never doubt that until the final test (smirk). This infamous love & seeking acceptance approval acknowledgement


it is not how you love or who it is you are to love..but it is that you are creative enough to be capable of giving and receiving this abstraction called LOVE

Hidden deep inside resides a wicked, a wild, a whiner, & a wise. Such procrastination in exposing different sensations. Emotions filling each facet to where there is no longer an exit…escape….time to deal with my fate.

Robbed of dreams & fantasies….deprived of those things that keep one’s minds eye in-tune & non-deprived…..All I’ve ever done is cried…..

I’ll always wonder “WHY”?