Light-years away & still on enchanting display
Stars lay blanketed on a single thread
Awaiting to warm those weary of heartache & dread

Climbing high into the infamous sky
Luna of splendor & delight
A sight for sore eyes; intensified wide

Fantasies in the night’s air are not mine to live
Lowering mine eyes to the ground, nothing to give
A lone tear drops with out a single sound

Flickering their diminishing sparks of life to glow
Our ancestors, once, worshiped; in great show
Those Gods which left us for dead; This I know

Our founding fathers always did doublespeak
We are but the night’s aliens sorta-speak
In our dreams we relive the trip we critique

Blackened shadows birthed by moon’s light
Dancing in the darkest illuminations of night
Scurrying to every corner; hiding out of sight

Past the wispy clouds
Beyond the moons soft hue & stars debut
Our galaxies are but mirrors of what use to be

Our end, some have already believed
Building a world on a simple dream
End of our worlds has already been seen

Stare to the heavens all your heart desires
Pray to your God your settlers brought
Blindly follow the herd instead of a crier heard

“How absurd”