It use to be you and I
Now, slighted by hands of time
What has been bestowed on us today?
What is it you’ll inevitably say?
What has gone wrong now?

A pointless parade
Fit for a child of early age
Not fit for a man or woman today
Pathetic display of communication gone awry

Now, do you see?
It is a pain strong in force by others recourse
It is a pain that dictates my remorse; of course
It is a pain that has no name; yet, full of game
It is a pain just the same…..

My juvenile jealousy
A feeling I am now to say anew
I’ve had it since I’ve met you
It’s been two years plus a few
No reassurance, early days, if you were true

When I needed you
I didn’t know what to do or who to turn to
How could it be anything other than you & me?
You did and have come fully through
That’s what haunts me nightly dreams

My energy high to those I live by
A vampire if you will, sucking ill will
Never the joy to fill their hearts
I hope to be the one who did that start
Just me who will take on your pain…..inevitably

~ Almost enough to ~