An empty shell walking
Walking, with tormenting pain
Emotional havoc & disdain

Those out to mock the mild mannered
Those to whisper those tiniest of whispers
Those in the corner w/their fingers pointing

Hollow is my care-less heart
Ripped apart; outta my soul
Left sitting in ‘tis empty shell of a hole

Those to succumb to the hapless awoken’ed
Those w/the whispers of their own sweet deaths’
Those pointing to hush their names; unspoken

Days fade by, each memory quickly dies
Stripping away the reason of why or even a lie
Wiping my tears dry…I can no longer try

Those to have stifled my meek heart
Those whispers inevitably took a big piece/part
Those pointing fingers is how it had start

My “family” a joking remark
From beginning to fresh start
I was never meant to belong