Huddled in the darkest of corners
In her hands she quietly sobs to cry
Wishing for someone, anything alive…
Come sit by her side & tell her she’ll survive

A wicked stepmother to bid her many orders
Scrubbing all baseboards & cobwebbed corners
A marauder of emotions was her sick trick
Only to beat & quickly repeat was her feat

A quick learner to the pain, as a step-daughter
Another mourning to a childhood monster (alter)
To conjure up the courage to run before she’s a goner
Emotional disdain & she thereupon pawned her

Father, why’d you lead her down the path to slaughter?
That has to be one of your worst dishonors
Sending your own child to fend off someone so sick
Never given a second thought, if ever; not a lot

Isn’t that the worst crime one to commit?
Disowning your very own child for you being unfit
It didn’t take a brain surgeon w/a lot of wit
It was plain and simple; she, you didn’t want to deal with it

She, tormented by a daunting haunting past
A heavy sigh, no reason as to why to be alive
Punished, by a mother, for facts that were never acts
Sacrificed to satisfy her mother’s insatiable climax[es]

Saturday we will all confess this vile mess
Everyone done their masks & Sunday’s best
Nothing like a family well dressed
A chance to bless the little hope she has left

God Bless…..
He gave me this as a test?
What sick of a joke; at best!
Living in a constant state of distress

Thanx, you’re the best!

Enough said!