Hiss; feel that steele’s kiss
Cold as ice, fingertips; you grip
Hence to where, flesh is to split

Pain to rupture in another heart
It was you who put it there from the start
No matter the time apart….

Shiny sharp silver blade
Between your fingers it lay
Ready to splay whatever you put in it’s way

Across the scars again & again
Across your carved up canvass; skin
Across thin flesh is where you win

A stream of life, love & liberation
Pooling around your feet; extreme elation
Mentally about to take a long vacation

Seeping out from your core
All your distasteful acts evermore
Pouring out onto the smooth white floor

Crumpled; she’d pay for, as she fell to the floor
She threw in her cards, she so abhorred
She’d reached eternal blackness…..& found no more