Here is my sanity
Here is my sane
Here is my lacking;
Of all to which I proclaim

Falling into the hole; they try to seek you out
Into the depths; they want to reach you out
A blackened abyss; you hear them shout you out
Beyond gone; no more want to try to be strong

Here is the heart
Here is the brain
Here is your only remains;
Of all to which, is my bloody shame~

Darkened closets and fastened doors
No need or want for them to open anymore
Words to have befallen on deafened years
The worst in the world of all your arrears appear

Here is a hand
Here is a wrist
Here is a razor;
Of all to which, creates your bloody bliss

Able to staple and stitch
Ever so lucky, for an artery was missed
Time heals wounds of the simple flesh
The trust I broke...for me to never rest