good evening

Sweet Dreams & Rude Awakenings

Hello …’s ME again.

Have you ever felt to be a bother or a pest?

Sometimes, I believe that those I interact with [on a normal basis] see me coming & sigh deeply like, “not her again!” It is not because I present any problems it is the fact that I don’t believe people enjoy my company. A lot of the times I believe there are those in my life that would have just rather’ed me smile & be that void that I was growing into.

You see…(?), it now leads me here (((this way everyone~~~~> …..That void, you guys, that you feel deep inside you…the one that seems to consume you at times. MAKES you obsess on this void that eats your time year by year & leaves you feeling so hollow. Nothing can come, truly, close to explaining what this void does to someone. Imagine this, your last…

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