To Fall
Feeling a lost cause

Has that vile woman won
Relive what can’t be undone?
Not much further can you, really, run

Hate by a beloved; shed onto your bed
Fears need not be refilled for it is in-bred
Horrors in the mind; unadulterated dreads

Take a razor, she hisses, “so keen & sharp”
“Press the cold to your skin to part”
Blood spilling from the start

Reddened lips; turning white
Intensely watching your flow of life
Exacting, not as you’d see w/a knife

Faint but so profound; her whispers
“Stop your shaking & whimpering”
“Let us go! one more round”?

Passion speaks;reach a peak
Surface stuff is for the utter weak
Deeper this time, not so infantile or meek

Numbness to fill that one void in your life
She wickedly laughs into your ears; lies
Self-loathing and hate; you want to die

For each drop of red; you’re the fool
To the ground blackness pools
Once again, a cesspool

~What did you do~
I trusted you