Sitting alone you start to ponder
Wondering what if’s &maybes
Choices & decisions making you more crazy

Pray tell, what’s in your life keeping you so lame?
Don’t see it in a mate found in this word’s game
Love hath seem to always concedes & wain

Whispering your wishes; they go loudly heard
Magically laced words of what if’s to come true
As long as they are not outlandishly absurd; too

No more time for you to not have haste
No more procrastination to waste
No more stalling; late is replaced w/distaste

A loving intimate kiss was on your wish-list
Back in the mist you so do wander amiss
Have you lost your sanity & wits?Admit it!

Maybes & what if’s go adrift
Nothing is given to which you can’t cope with
Eternal happiness is a blessing & gift; don’t abuse it