Anguish; pain beyond my control
I can’t handle this; I’m losing control
I will not fight you this time

I’ve poured my heart out for you to see
I grip my reality and jump in as we
Ready for what was to come our way

Pain i’ve caused your heart
I see this from the start
I am the only one at fault

You have been above saint; so, you say
I have to laugh at that right away
It’s a game played by two just different shoe

Yet, I am at fault I will carry the shame
This is not the blame game; I was WRONG
I cause you great disdain

I will not be yelled at or controlled the same
Pride has been your biggest problem
I do not know if i can handle such to follow

The way you look @ me
I see you don’t love me
Lies you now conceive

I hurt you too much
It has affected us too much
Is it time to part?
Shitty writing.…….we all have our days