She is.….
One that you need to meet
Her smile so bright; to, you she greets
Her demeanor so delicate & neat

Laughing til her pent pain no longer remains
Feeling complete; no malcontent to represent
Her heart pure as gold & words solidly told

Smelling of sweet gardenia scents
Sending you soaring; total excitement
Enough; you, can not get of her

Laying her head back onto your pillow
Her locks flowing down like a beautiful willow
Slowly you turn the lights as low as the go

Sleek curves silhouetted in the faint dark
Licks of a candle dancing, started to spark
Exposing her raw bareness; a quest to embark

Her auburn eyes look deeply into your soul
One to which she squeezes her hold
A richness in the depth of each fleck of gold

As the light from the candle softly glows
The little things she finds ‘a-’muse’-ment’
Building nothing but pure pleasure

Complete acceptance with no resentment
Not the end but the beginning to start
…..The one w/a passionate heart