Hips to sway
Right your way

A beautiful woman,
More slender than not
Confident above all else

Across her sun-kissed skin
Glistening droplets so thin
Water to dance on her bare skin

Arousal dripping; sopping you wet
Drenched in your naughty thoughts
Delightful ought not’s cross; nonstop

Slick with sin, she dances closer; yet
A racing heart as if to have won a bet
Light on her toes she grabs you a’hold

Pressed her breasts against your manly chest
Her nipples fully erect; lovingly pink & present
Reality of thoughts; you so lustfully fantasized

Above her bare bosoms crests her delicate neck
Facial features of a dainty flower in full bloom
Her heavenly scent so very utterly succulent

Her essence, you draw in w/your every sense
Encompassing you she does commence
Two lovers emerged at any expense

She whispers, softly in your ear,
“Will you be mine for all ends of times?”
You hastily reply.….
~~Forever and a day~~
~~ one~~