My breath; my breath!
I can not BREATHE!!
Suffocating me…
I can’t BREATHE!!

What have you done to me?
Pitch’est of blackness
No cat’s lens; how am I to see
What is it you’ve done to me?

Scents of painful memories
Wafting through the thick air
Catching me off guard; how unfair
Pick and choose the crime of despair

I so thought I could;
Run away if things gone awry
No one stood by my side
I cried and wondered why

So… stand so still; a statue, if you will
No sudden movements or sounds
She’ll soon be surly making her rounds
Hunker down; low to the ground

“I’ll let you know when it’s safe & sound”

There is no one that took that place
Alone you felt like a piece of waste
Alone, just the vacant noises all around!