Your Wish is Granted; my command
You subconsciously know where you stand
Away from me is where you, truly, want to be

I can not be caged
I will not be followed every day
I would not be stifled in any way

My deeds I’ve done; your ego has fought
Some not as worse than others; so what
Many tears I have caused you; a lot

My time has come to say I’m done
Since you refuse to admit what you wish
Your sub-conscience will keep throwing a fit

The fighting and bantering always; I succumb
Never a day where things go smoothly anyway
A complain first of day a fight by fall of night

The bickering and bitching
My ears ringing & still itching
Eyes, through anger, still twitching

My passion for you has ripped in two
The love you held back for a year
During the time I was the most near

You want this; you’ve been vying for it
The fights I do not provoke; it’s your fits
You’re not want to commit or you wouldn’t do it

I grant you your wish
Take all your things; material never missed
You’ve fought w/me this one last time

Wish Granted