Hidden behind the scenes; lies to her heart
Once too many, sworn from the start
Her internal wish is that of bliss
No more bitching or bantering bullshit

Drifting through this life
Never taking full control of this flight
Never willing to carry on an idiotic fight
Insight taught right; turn towards your inner light

Behind the curtains and masks
Below the belt, if you really have to ask
That’s where she hit him when he had asked
Realities are surely not what they seem

Fading faster and falling harder
Each time she dusts off her knees
Brushes her elbows and begs & pleads
What must she do to be set free?

She’s caged her heart
She’s wiped her tears
She’s fought her battles
She’s succumbed to her worst fears

Wandering lost; you say, she is
The past has haunted her as she lives
Long since dead; a little kid
Still rotten & decayed from what she couldn’t rid

matter of means and means to matter