Deluded, you are; on the costs we pay to be free
Never did notice the big black raven in the sky?
He stole the last piece of OUR American pie
Minuscule in the amounts; they will inevitably cry

When our state of the union has gone to seed
People raising Cain; bitching about a weed
The benefits it reaps and the medicinal stance
Why debate or negate on such a beautiful plant?

Our attention need be more focused than that
Our children are starving & vets shooed away
What are we to be paying attention to anyway?

Who’s on their knees ready to die?
Who’s God wants blood shed onto innocent lives?
Who’s God has waged this war and why?

Let them all in~
Let them all go~
America will reap what it sows

Our public news, full of supercilious lies
The horrible bias ways of the media today
I don’t think it would be of a great surprise
To know It is OUR hands that are TIED

(we the people~~divided we fall)