I see you three
Divided we all now be
Into the depths you go
Away from me; I no longer in tow

1. Look at your hands
Nails crusted, wrinkled, & tan
Skin not as fresh from smoking meth
Those teeth once praised now decayed

2. Next to be, the flesh.. the palest of yet
Bitter w/years of the curse to grieve
Drugs & sex to fill her voids of family & needs
Fighting her way back to be feel free to breathe

3. Pills easily swallowed, snorted or smoked
Into the abyss of the drooling old aged folks……soaked
Zoned out, pretty much look smoked out
I’ve watched you aged behind your mental cage

I took my hand away from you three
Only after you bit to make me bleed
You three tried to suck the life outta me
I would NOT concede, but ran away; indeed!

4. A fourth, I had left out
One to give me a voice to speak out
She didn’t cower but accused
That put a huge wedge between us; too

~I walked from you four; I could not take anymore~
~My spirit is free to soar~
~Hindered by those opposing; no more~
~I wish you well, I wish you peace, I wish you a new life for you to make & keep~

~~Blessings to become; my flying has just begun~~