I lust him
I crave him
I need him
I have to have him
It’s not like the past
There were trials
So many tribulations
Yet, we came through
With love shining true
Unconditional; love I was graced
Those little lies I knew were mistakes
Your trips were deceitful & did hurt
I was willing to look the other way
Past the inconsistent display
My heart he did so quickly steal
It was unreal to feel something so surreal
His love for me was slow & steady
Not willing nor quite ready
He showed me in his actions
As I tried to give complete satisfaction
Around he came to see the beauty in display
He felt what life would be without me everyday
All that was done was creating self doubt
Feelings did sprout to blossom all around
My heart had iced over by the time he came over
Defrost he begged; I gave in ….in many ways
His heart & soul I am to praise and gently hold
A man for my spirit to build it’s strength
To show me love with his in-depth compassion
Without you I so sorely cried; wondering why
Baby, I’m ever so grateful for you standing by my side….I love you for all of our time!