Beginning to an end of lonely; my friend
No longer a wish, fantasy, nor pretend; my friend
Blessing you both found thee; my friend

You know the illustrious longing gaze
Into your lovers glassy eyes
Pools you’d love to swim inside

No longer just a dream; my best-friend
Fantasy turned into reality; my best-friend
Be still for your wish, got dished; my best-friend

Celebrating the newest of love
An arrow from the clouds above
The sweetness of cupid’s shove

Trust to secure it’s hold; my love
Willing to let go of control; my love
Into the unknown two to flow; my love

Piercing a heart so dear to me
Into arms; I confess, I let to be undressed
Exposing my heart & soul; carefully caressed

Singing a melody for two
Laying together below the willow tree
Hand in hand planting the seed

Till the End…is what I believe 🙂