Sliding under the covers
Above his chest she does hover
Tossel of her hair to trickle onto his chest
Fanning her way down to where she’s to caress

A nibble here & a bite there
Gently w/a firm grip; she below your naval
Right at your hips she opens her beautiful lips
Heat of her breath rising your manhood in size

Grasping her waist you shove it in her face
Gagging her slow; her make-up does roll
Squeezing tight; your grip gets firm
Showing her who has this turn & stern

You spin her fast; onto her stomach
Looking at her back down to her ass
You stroke your cock in her face
Asking her if her ass was for his to take

You slut make no mistake
I will take you no matter what
It is just your luck to come to me to fuck
I’ll teach you a thing or two if you let me do

With a joyful moan; baby hit it home
Thrust as deep as you can w/your bone
Fucking her, your cock does swell
Massaging her clit she losses it
You too drain all your cum into her slit

Now you both are done w/it!