Frustration not
Fury hath not brought peace
Ought to be a forethought
Never; but before, the onslaught
Not after when you can not stop

Wringing their hands on your bloody money
Beasts in their fancy suits & skirts
Your sweat and tears in vain; how it does hurt

Keep on trying; keep on pushing
Keep on struggling to pay those bills
Keep on doing what is of no longer your will

Whilst 1% wants us all to be higher than them all
They will bury us in the hazy purple smoke
Don’t you see their underlying joke? *cough cough choke*

Not one, but our freedom to be crucified
There is plenty of reason to stress my dear
We have weapons a mile high; steer clear!

Oh, how sad our state of affairs
Running presidents; Neither do I care
Evil vile spewing past their lips
I officially quit…for it’s all rigged as shit