Holding onto a youth; which to have known not
How it got so close; farther away
When had this all stopped to start

Feeling backwards & upside down
Not knowing which voice is sound
Logical reasoning to not trust anyone around

Flailing midst the thickest of silence
Breathing, barely, the lightest of air
Rising and falling of great displaced despair

Feeling inside out & full of doubt
Reality that spits time in the face
Smiling behind each streaming tear

Demons drawing their teeth & claws
Watching the confusion rise in thine eyes
Reassured thinking is not right; all lies

Many will not know this plight
Until thine fight the darkness when so bright
Lose the fight by counting your blessings every night

Your logic is so accurate & right
Crazier than what others ought not thought
Blinded by the beauty is the beast

Skin Thin; Fin
Deeper the devil spins
Evil webs on past threads

Never ending memories ……