Demons spawn in their eyes
Of the wicked I so despise
Ripping a heart totally apart
Negativity from the start

Bleeding from my soul to you
Fading to the blackness
Cradling my body of old
Losing complete utter control

Confusion takes hold
Squeezing me tight
A suffocating hold
The ultimate desire to fold

Turning this heart ice cold
Hallucinations bred the old
Feeding your fears & demons w/in
Feeling more insane than kin

Flesh of sickness & disease
Devouring your spirit whole
Spitting out your tasteless soul
Ravishing your hope whole…destroyed

Tears to pain for the lost of sane
Crazy is the only thing to remain
She had so much potential
What an utter complete shame

Had a voice whispering sweet romance
A life full of riches was the song & dance
Past the gates & into the open well
Little had she known it lead her to hell
~~She FELL~~