Just your luck

A thrown-away helpless child

Unwanted, & defiled all the while

A young child, you were always the token
A little heart never to be heard when spoken
A child destined to live a life , ever so, broken

You poor child; wandering around 1/2 crazed
Always knocked senseless & horribly dazed
where to hide to lessen the horrible haze?

Under the covers & between the sheets
Shivering & afraid to speak; sort of speak
Please no, you’d squeak & pray for sleep

You cried & cried always wondering WHY?
Noxious Ammonia to penetrate every pore
Vomit to now clean; could hold back no more

Dawns to slowly risen and forgiveness given
Sickness you never will relate nor tolerate
Breaking free of that sick twisted family

None for you to call your own

Standing all alone

Your heart is