A mother sunk to her knees
Face cradled in the palm of her hands
Heartache bludgeoning her core & so much more

She quietly screams her heartfelt pains
A daughter lost in a misery; so, it appears
Her nightmare grew into reality; crystal clear

Gasping for air; not to utter a single word
Eyes burning as if tears to appear
Her mouth to open but no sound to hear

Her blessed be, cherished baby
The first to ensue her new quest
To be the best mother & take that test

Jovial and full of life; a child, such a delight
She exuded confidence & ever so bright
Risk taker w/absolutely no fright

Oh, to see the pain in her eyes
To watch her ultimately wither to die
Waiting for that call by the bedside

Behind closed doors she could no more
Helpless her hands were tied; she wept inside
Letting go was the hardest way for her to survive

An addict for life but striving to be right
She’s facing her frights ever night
She’s willing to keep up this fight

I so wish with my whole being
She’s able to continue to be clean
Never to fall back into the scene

Blessed Be!