Sliding past
Slipping down
Against the wall; slid
Crumpled into the corner
How did this become done?
Down around pours liquid gold
Glistening warm & sticky to hold
Only way for the pain to go away
Slowly to the ground it rolls
Strong smell all around
Tasting the bitterness
A Wicked smile forms a demented face
“Take that blade & slice twice”
“No! That will NOT suffice!”
~Thrice you now slice~
Forboden by others inside
“Oh, don’t take that toxic advice”
“Please, ever so, think before you strike”
“Not one more slice!”
Fading into the darkness
Not knowing how it did start
Ripping apart your precious skin
Nightmare dreams to haunt within
Flashes, glimpses, pictures of pain
Despair, destitution, & disdain
Scars to, now, sadly remain
Lost control; total fold
Blistering Ice cold
Death hold