Yesteryear, my dear
Into my arms, you did appear
In time; you, I did rear

Tiny toes, fingers, & nose
Everything perfect as I did know
A great feeling of what was bestowed

Strong willed and determined too
An energetic toddler to teen
Always standing out; to be seen

School you’d master
Quick study on any subject matter
Book smart you’ve always been flattered

Abilities to skills; you owned the court
Active in sports or lead in a play of sorts
Any event, your talent set you apart

A lover of yours let you go
Into the throes you tumbled; long ago
Struggling to see the hope you turned to dope

Peering through those bewildered eyes
A moment in time; no longer mine
Beast of a dragon had swallowed you whole

Misery would be what you hold
You rose you head from the dead
Striving for a better life ahead

Keep that path my dear one
Keep that faith, this can be accomplished & won
Keep that love for life & have some sober fun

~~For, you are still so very young~~