Crazy lucid moments
An oxymoron of our lives
Seeing through thine broken eyes
It is what it is; poetic lines

Adorned he was with her beautiful smile
Her tattoos expressing her all the while
Hesitation spoke louder in his heart
He was not going to make that final start

Too many miles for their lifestyles
He walked on instead of reconciled
For, erstwhile, they were…. just juveniles
No more HS tribulations and trials

She, feigned poorly; un’professing her love
His dimples & carefree style, so versatile
She sorely longed like a mourning dove
As he romanced another love

His feelings defiled by her broken trust
He deleted all the memories of her & such
Her infatuation had grown way too much
Unbeknownst to him, bad luck… was she

….That’s why….
…. he’s now, with me….