An end to the oldest beginning
I feel it my dearest of friend
I can not hold it within; chagrin
It is for not a sin; just two grown too thin

Pages stained with spilt fouled words
Crusts of the bread left undisturbed
Rejected, unwanted, unpalatable
You arguing the pettiest wastes shows my place!

Actions of unheard words; deeds displayed
They do not match what it is I heard
Pondering the absurdity of the uncertainty
“All in my head; once again?”
Don’t be so foolish my friend

I Fill compassion’s cups where confusion use to sit
I thought, I had once again lost all wit; all of it
Your foul words were so utterly absurd
I can believe what it is I’ve actually heard

Tears to stop their cycle
Time to buck up and recycle
A path is waiting for those to walk
Instead of fighting nonstop