Behind her 4 walls she stayed coward’ed in fear
Silently she suffered her darkest hours
Trying her best to keep them at bay
Arrears coming closer & closer; now, so very near

His wrath was that of a madman
His once to have loved, became his victim
His target, when she did walk righteously away
He wasn’t willing to contain his pain; he displayed

Stealing her child’s meals beneath the lips
Sickening reports fabricated; no shit!
Hackles raised but not phased
He was but one hell of a fucking twit

Morning’s anew and he thought he could too..
Outwit the she who stayed w/he; dimwit!
Her circles around he  were legit
To think thought was what had done it!?!

His cravings beyond that of sick twisted shit
Flesh to have tainted his soul; he’d lost control
He did not know when to stop……it
He wanted to be ‘taken’; her jaw did drop a bit

Quietly she did bide her time
Let his antics flail out of the lines
Never to stick for she was totally innocent
Waves to the sea…….. he will never be free

To be trapped in his hellish misery
Trying to destroy another didn’t work
It backfired in his arms of evil deeds
Into hell is where it now does lead

Good-bye you foul seed!