Ripping it, in totality, apart
Not wanting a stop to start
Grasping the bleeding heart

Weakene heart’ed; mentally departed
Numbness hath crept the soul
Into the vast pits, emotions flow

Willing to be or not?
A mind spinning; a child’s toy top?
Why couldn’t all this fighting, just, stop?

Did speak, only when words were beseeched
Constant bickering & bitching was preached
Days to turn to weeks [you say obsolete]

How you feel into the darkest of your depths
Spilled during a fighting mess; you confessed
Complete defeat; so upset, distressed

Warnings, it’s too much restlessness for thee
Too much stress on thine shoulders to be
The fall is the hardest, of it all, to conceive…..

No longer sure what we are to believe
Wished to escape; more to flee & just see
Into a new world w/no inhibitions; free

~~Blessed Be~~