Lustful whispers; to be, lies told
Deep in your psyche, she melted your cold
Her flesh of fresh rawness; you did behold

Gliding your hands up her sensual curves
First her hips, across her naval, to perky nips
Your manhood engorg’ing; every single bit

She slides on top of your bed sheets
Naked, her bare sexy’ness; undressed
Tugging, a sheet over her exposed breasts

Her auburn eyes, penetrated your heart & soul
Separating the sheets; your body, she took control
Igniting a fire which you’d lost all key hold

Frozen sits your mind..misaligned
Wonders done to your body in a short time
She devoured your ego & soul; combined!

Reasons as to why in design; resigned
That encounter as a constant baseline
Finding yourself drifting back on rewind

Fantasies to have been birthed & put to bed
Now, your bodies you had shared & shed
None prepared for how you’d fare in the end

How’s the storyline to finish this time; my friend?