She becomes the beacon; the brightest of lights
Exposing those within her strong beaming sights
Seducing men away from evil’s clutches at night
She brought a few men back from the brink of life

Her laughter to billow your sails; complete
Evils to rupture the bowels of your boat
She, standing the tallest amongst them all
Brightens the way for you to steal away

Washing ashore, you wrecked; indeed
Waving her bright white you found her w/speed
Traveling the twists up her strong tower of power
Reaching the top,only a letter left on the counter

“A battle between the beast & the sea”
Climaxing at the top you have no choice but leave
Too many men fall victim to the beautiful she
Destitute boats is all that she ever did breed

~Heed the white light coming forth from me.
Succumb to the beautiful sea; she’ll devour thee~
Your Faithful Light house